Gabriel Mutombo

2013 Long before there was something like an alleged “refugee crisis” or the alleged “cultural appropriation”, I sometimes wondered how to explain to the willing viewer of my works that there were stylistically subtle differences between the many of my but there are more painterly images and the more linear style of some other images.
As an author sometimes publishes his novels under a pseudonym, it made sense to me to also create an imaginary artist named Gabriel Mutombo. An artist who has had a very difficult time in life because of the color of his skin and his life, and who expresses his anger at these circumstances in expressive images.
This alter ego is part of me, because my life has also been overshadowed by existential threats…

Nevertheless, it was a certain pleasure to enable Gabriel to exhibit his works at the Art-Eck Gallery. At this art event, hardly anyone was privy to my secret. I’ve seen the press jump on Gabriel’s life in hopes of winning a Pulitzer Prize. Unfortunately, only one student assistant editor turned up at the opening of the exhibition, who had no ambitions in this regard.

However, the images of Gabriel were well received by the visitors:

Video explanations of Gabriel Mutombo's pictures (Linked to YouTube - Google's privacy policy applies):

Blue nude (50 x 60 cm) oil and ink on canvas.
Green Nude II (50 x 60 cm) oil and ink on canvas.