Graphics is not just drawing lines


Graphics have long ceased to be a subordinate artistic genre. At least since the Renaissance, Da Vinci’s sketchbooks or Dürer’s prints have had their own aesthetic value.
In the hand drawing, the lightness, the playfulness, comes into play in its expressive value. Perhaps born of the speed at which a moment needs to be captured.

In the end, the artist builds on the viewer’s capacity for association when he is able to capture the expression of a human face with just a few signs.
Artistic printing, on the other hand, has always been the opportunity to offer a work of art to a large audience at low cost and to disseminate it widely. The print is more valuable the smaller the edition is. Here some of my works:

some works

Nude from a sketchbook (approx. 25 x 34 cm / washed chalk)

Silkscreenprint IV (61 x 43 cm)

Two nudes (20.5 x 29.5 cm / etching)

Nude etching (77 x 55 cm / etching)

The monkey (30 x 40 cm / lithograph)

The sitting fugurine (30 x 42 cm / three-color linocut)