Atelier Dr. Bernhard Meyer

painting / graphics / plastic art / photography / video

On this homepage you will find information about the artist Dr. Bernhard Meyer and his oeuvre. In addition to these insights, this site also offers you the opportunity to contact the artist to learn about his work, to offer a collaboration, to purchase his work or to commission work.


news / historical (selected)


– Born 1963
– Grown up and living in the Ruhr area
– Studies at the University of Dortmund with a focus on painting
– Diploma in mathematics
– Doctor in philosophy
– Guest student at the Düsseldorf Art Academy
– Guest auditor in the field of design at the FH Dortmund
– Worked as an art teacher at a high school for a long time
– Since 1984 frequent Exhibitions in the Ruhr area, Westphalia, the Lower Rhine, Lithuania and France
– Member of the artist group KARUSKOP and the Hammer Artists’ Association
– Since 2019 he has been running a YouTube channel where he regularly publishes videos about his work

2024.07.05 7:00 p.m. Vernissage of my exhibition “The view of the self” in the Art Church Warmen (Alte Landstraße 15, Fröndenberg)

-> 2024.07.06 7:00 p.m. Opening of the exhibition of the hkb (Alter Grenzweg 2, 59071 Hamm) until 25.8.2024

->2024.05.24 Ruhrnachrichten Lünen

2024.05.03 Westfälischer Anzeiger

2023.10.28 RuhrNachrichten Lünen

2022.11.01 RuhrNachrichten Lünen Karuskop

2020.08.16 Exhibition “Set Tables” Museum Lünen

2020.08.07 RuhrNachrichten Lünen

2020.04.11 RuhrNachrichten Lünen

2019.11.27 visit in Panevėžys (Lithuania)

2019.11.03 Annual exhibition “Offene Ateliers Lünen” (Flyer- and Plakatdesign Dr. Bernhard Meyer)

2019.07.11 Sud Quest (France)

2018.11.11 Offene Ateliers Lünen (Flyer- and Plakatdesign Dr. Bernhard Meyer)

2017.12.10 Offene Ateliers Lünen (Flyer- and Plakatdesign Dr. Bernhard Meyer)

2014.05.18 Offene Ateliers Lünen (Plakatdesign Dr. Bernhard Meyer)

2013.09.17 RuhrNachrichten Lünen

2013 exhibition “Ich?!”

2013.04.12 RuhrNachrichten Gabriel Motombo

2012.09.16 Offene Ateliers Hellwegregion (Turn pages with a click)

2012.02.06 Westfälische Rundschau

2011.09.28 RuhrNachrichten Art Eck

2011.02 Stadtmagazin Lünen (Turn pages with a click)

2010.09.23 Westfälische Rundschau Lünen (Kulturhauptstadt Ruhrgebiet /  Lokal Heroes)

2009 Offene Ateliers Lünen

2001.01.17 Rheinische Post Xanten

1992.01.18 RuhrNachrichten Witten

1990.05.21 RuhrNachrichten Gelsenkirchen

1989.07.01 RuhrNachrichten Gelsenkirchen

1988.07.02 RuhrNachrichten Bochum

1986.05.01 RuhrNachrichten Dortmund

1984.09.20 WAZ Gelsenkirchen