Musica Mundana

The term goes back to the philosopher Boethius, who around 500 AD in his essay “De institutione musica” assumed the harmony between the human body and state of mind, music and the cosmos with its celestial bodies. The Musica Mundana represents the so-called harmony of the spheres.

In my pictures for Musica Mundana I try to do the almost impossible: to match the acoustic sound of music with the visual appeal of a picture.

For a synaesthete it is not a problem to carry out this transference of senses. But I’m not a synaesthete, so I take a different path. In addition to the choice of color tone, the posture and the forms of expression of the body, curiosities from the compendiums of a natural science museum are also inserted in the background of the picture, which are hardly recognizable.

Video explanations for the images of Musica Mundana (Linked to YouTube - Google's privacy policy applies):

Musica Mundana I (cello) (81x65cm / oil on canvas)
Musica Mundana II (instruments) (81x65cm / oil on canvas)
Musica Mundana III (clarinet) (81x65cm / oil on canvas)
Musica Mundana IV (flute) (81x65cm / oil on canvas)