A video says more than a thousand photos

Since 2019 I have been running a YouTube channel called Atelier Dr. Bernhard Meyer. Here I regularly publish videos, often with a description of my work but also my exhibitions. A number of tutorials can also be found there.
But my main focus is on short videos, which I call “Moments”. This is about the feelings that these impressions trigger in the viewer, when suddenly a bat scurries through the picture, a dog almost knocks its owner over in a snow flurry or the shadow of a car crosses the passing landscape due to the low sun.

Unfortunately, I have only produced a few real short films so far, because I have not had the actors for them so far. I started with a reminiscence of the great film “Coffee and Cigarretts” by Jim Jarmusch, to which I am adding a scene. Following on from this in particular in the character of the broker, the film “Billard and Bulletes” shows two more characters: the killer and the gallery owner.
But it’s best to see for yourself:

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